Monday, August 20, 2012

Well, it has been a bit since we have posted, but our year is off to a great start!! We are working hard. Please follow us on Twitter @missleachsclass to see daily updates of our work. Here are links to a few videos we are enjoying in class : Odd Number Song Even Number Song Money, Money, Money Subject of a Sentence

Thanks to everyone that is following our learning!


  1. Hi Miss Leach and Grade 2,

    We are also a Grade 2 class from Melbourne in Australia. Our teacher has spoken to Miss Leach and we are going to be Blogging Buddies. It's different that you have just school for the year, we are half way through. And it's Winter here!
    Where in America are you from?
    Hope to speak soon!

    From 2M and Miss May

  2. Hi guys!! I am glad to see that you are blogging and tweeting! I will follow your tweets! I want to know what you are doing in second grade. Mrs. Leach is a great teacher isn't she? How many of you were in my Kindergarten?

  3. Mrs. England,
    Three of us were in your class. Connor, Kathryn, and Dominic. :)

  4. Hi Miss Leach ,

    I think all your work is exiting ! What do you learn about ? Jaz 2M :)

  5. Hi Miss Leach,

    We have a Shelfari on our blog.

    I think you are in Autumn.
    Well were in Spring.

    Why don't you have school uniform?

    Vin 2m and Miss May.

  6. Hi Miss Leach,

    I am from 2m.I love your blog.My favourite thing is your is your voki i want to have a voki on our blog.

    from Josh.S 2m Miss May

  7. Hello! Vin, we do not have a school uniform. We can wear almost anything, but not flip flop shoes. We can't wear those, because we could get hurt at recess. We can also only wear shorts when it is warm. Does your school give you your uniforms, or do you have to buy them?

  8. Vin, my brother goes to K4 at Christian Academy in town. He has to wear a uniform shirt. He won't have to wear one when he comes to my school. - Kathryn