Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here are some things we have done and learned in the first few days.

We have learned sign language. Alex

We went to the library and some people checked out books. Cody

We learned to walk in the hall. Ronnie

We earn money. Gerry

We learned about coins. Bailey

We learned a lot of math. Skyler

We learned class rules. Kathryn

We read Amelia Bedelia, and she did everything different. Mason

We read Chrysanthemum, and she thought her name was dreadful. Jadenn

We looked up the meaning of our names. Reagan

We did an activity with M&Ms. Cale

We counted money. Angel

We did a graph to see how long our names are. Alex


  1. Great job guys, keep up the good work!!
    Staci, Kathryn's mom

  2. Sounds like FUN!!
    Ashley, Alex's Mom

  3. Hi, WOW !!!! great work . JAZ @M :)

  4. Hi , WOW great work !!!!!! Jaz 2M :)

  5. Hi Miss Leach, looks like your class has started your year fantastically. I'm near the end of the year in 2nd grade. What date did you start school?
    Thanks, Rebekah 2M :)