Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Check out some of our links below to see how we shared our visualizing. We used the website Into the Book. We had a lot of fun! http://reading.ecb.org/ There will be more to come! :)

Sophie F. http://reading.ecb.org/student/ecb_vis_player.html?file=viz_g34N6KZZexa

Dylan D. http://reading.ecb.org/student/ecb_vis_player.html?file=viz_Jm9G2Zxzxb

Bailee M. http://reading.ecb.org/student/ecb_vis_player.html?file=viz_HG69KKZZZez

Jaxon H. http://reading.ecb.org/student/ecb_vis_player.html?file=viz_7Gl32ZZycx

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