Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Voki Central

Hello! Please visit our NEW Voki Central page. Laurel and Layne made our first Voki for us. They want to help you understand what the word cabin means.


  1. Hello Miss Leach. My class and I are really looking forward to quadblogging with you. I noticed that you are the co-ordinator of our group. Do I have to do anything yet or shall I wait for confirmation and information from you? We are excited about meeting new friends through blogging.
    Thanks, Leanne Kolenberg from Craigburn Primary School. My Blog is

  2. Hi Miss Leach. My email address leanne.kolenberg@craigburn.sa.edu.au should be ok but you could also try leanne.kolenberg@gmail.com I hope you have success!
    Mrs. Kolenberg