Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Special Guest

We were so excited to have a special guest come read to our class today! Chief Mike the Police Chief of our town came and read Officer Buckle and Gloria to us. We had the chance to ask him some questions. Here is what we learned:

Sophie - Always keep your shoes tied.
Laurel - We learned to follow the cop's safety rules.
Jaxon - Never stand on a swivel chair.
Damien - He had a taser gun.
Layne - You should aways stick with your buddy.
Cameron - He said a taser gun feels like a whole body cramp.
Megan - Always obey the rules and laws. Never lie to a cop.
Bailee - Cops can also be arrested if they break the law.
Heaven - I learned that cops carry extra bullets.

Thanks to Chief Mike for coming in!! We really enjoyed it!


  1. Sounds like you learned some exciting things from the police chief. Just a reminder to show respect to police officers just like you should show respect to parents and teachers. Keep up the good learning!

  2. Hi did you know my dad is an officer too.Did you have fun?love Charlotte.

  3. Hello Miss. Leach. I am in room 4. Did you know that we have 500 children at our school? How many children do you have in your school?
    What is the weather like in America? Do you have a library?
    From Tamika