Monday, September 12, 2011

Magic E

Did you know that an e at the end of the word can change the way it sounds? Sing along with the video we watched in class today!


  1. Here is a link to another silent e song:

    Learning with songs is good for your brain!

  2. Hello Miss Leach and grade 2,
    We would love to introduce ourselves to you as we are going to be quadblogging with you.

    We are year P-1-2-3 and Mrs Wilson although we call her Mrs W.

    We go to a very small school in rural Victoria, Australia. Our school name is Harston Primary school.

    This week we will be looking at your blog each day.

    Today we listened to Jaxon's voki.We had to listen several times and be very quiet.

    We would love to learn about your class and school.
    We know that you live in the USA but we don't know where.

    from p-3 and Mrs W @ Harston Primary

  3. Hello Miss Leach and your class. The video you found about the magic e was lots of fun to listen to. We sang along with it. Thankyou to all the children who replied to our comments. It was great to hear back from you. We have koalas that come and sit in our gum trees. What are some animals that live near you? Do you have to be sunsmart at your school? We always wear hats when we go outside to play. We like watching your fish and we have been feeding them!
    From Mrs. Kolenberg and Room 4 at Craigburn Primary.