Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Dear Charlotte the police officer that came is related to Braxton in our class. We had a great time! Love Laurel and Sophie.

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Dear Tamika we are Layne and Jaxon. We have 440 kids in our scool.It is still Summer & very hot. We have lots of fun books in our Library. It is very big and decorated with Dr. Seuss.

Dear Anthony and Libby - We have 20 kids in our class.

More answers - Megan

Arman - We have lots of hallways in our school. Is that what you meant by halls?

Ethan - At recess we play on the monkey bars, slides, eagle's nest. We also like to play red rover. We have fun at lunch. We eat lunch and have Lunch Bunch with Mrs. Spencer. Mrs. Spencer is our librarian. We eat while she reads Clementine. It is fun to read. We have fun eating in the room.

Lucy - The cat's name is Pokey.

Bailey - There were 5 baby kittens.

From Megan in Miss Leach's Class

Monday, September 12, 2011

Magic E

Did you know that an e at the end of the word can change the way it sounds? Sing along with the video we watched in class today!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Special Guest

We were so excited to have a special guest come read to our class today! Chief Mike the Police Chief of our town came and read Officer Buckle and Gloria to us. We had the chance to ask him some questions. Here is what we learned:

Sophie - Always keep your shoes tied.
Laurel - We learned to follow the cop's safety rules.
Jaxon - Never stand on a swivel chair.
Damien - He had a taser gun.
Layne - You should aways stick with your buddy.
Cameron - He said a taser gun feels like a whole body cramp.
Megan - Always obey the rules and laws. Never lie to a cop.
Bailee - Cops can also be arrested if they break the law.
Heaven - I learned that cops carry extra bullets.

Thanks to Chief Mike for coming in!! We really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Voki Central

Hello! Please visit our NEW Voki Central page. Laurel and Layne made our first Voki for us. They want to help you understand what the word cabin means.